Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 154 - Marriage

There are ups. There are downs. But there is joy in marriage. Especially one that is determined to make it through. And that is what I have found with MY husband. We disagree. More times than I'd like. We have our issues. But I can always count on him to try. To try to make our relationship better. He works hard to improve himself in order to improve "us." Sometimes, I hate to admit, I think he tries harder than me. And for that I am very, very grateful. Because I find joy in our marriage.

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evaevolving said...

Oh yes. This is so true. Marriage is hard, it is challenging, and it is such a gift. Sometimes you fight - I mean really disagree and feel such anger toward one another - but underlying that strong emotion is strong love. You wouldn't bother fighting if you didn't care. And is there anything better than coming home at the end of the day to someone who knows you, through and through? No matter how bad the day was, you get to end it with your partner, your soulmate.