Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 217 - A House Full of Teenagers

At the start of my daughter's teen years she hung with a crowd I wasn't thrilled with. And she never wanted to be home, let alone invite her friends here. But she has grown. Her circle of friends has shifted. She is now friendly with a group that is wonderful. She is happier. She's back to the joyful girl I remember. And she has her friends over all the time. They're here, now, as I type. Laughing, giggling, having a wonderful time. Sure, it's her little brother's bedtime and it's a little crazier here than usual. But all I have to do is remember the time when she never wanted her friends over - a time I didn't enjoy. Yes, now, tonight - there is joy in a house full of teenagers.


Erin Wallace said...

This is exactly what has happened with my daughter. Her frineds are so much nicer and such a joy to be around. Nice to know that it happens as I have two more boys to grow up!

xo Erin

evaevolving said...

Wow, you're a patient mom to say you love having a house full of teenagers! But I understand what you're saying. You'd rather know your daughter's friends and have them at your house than who-knows-where.