Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 285 - Quiet Blog

I may have mentioned this before but it tickles me so much, I'm mentioning it again. I find it so interesting how this blog has stayed so quiet. I have another blog. Many people comment there and in turn, I comment on their blogs. But I don't run this blog that way. I truly use it as my place to document joy. I know there are people out there peeking in. But not many. My stats spike if I visit somewhere else and comment. Which I do, on occasion, because I really enjoy some of the other positive blogs out there. But if I'm a bit absent from other blogs, this one stays quiet. And that's OK with me. I would love to know that this blog is inspiring others to take a look at their own daily joy. But this is not a popularity contest. It is not a blog for accolades and recognition. It's a blog to document joy. And the fact that I have continued for 285 posts and not actively sought that recognition brings me lots of joy!

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Eva @ Eva Evolving said...

Yes, I get it. The point is to keep a journal of joy, to make an intentional effort to recognize joy in every day. The point isn't to get readers. Very wise.