Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 54 - A Son Who Loves To Help Clean

"Mom? Can I do some chores?" Not a phrase most moms hear every day. But I hear this quite often from my 6-year-old. He loves to help me around the house. But a child does...well, a child's work. It takes everything in my OCD nature not to re-do, or take the rag and say, "No, do it this way." Today he cleaned the wood floors (in spots), he wiped (smeared) the counters, he Windexed the windows (complete with spots) and attempted to disinfect the door knobs with Lysol (breaking the top off in the I do not know.) It was so difficult to resist the urge to fix it all. I have to remember that in the huge scheme of things there is absolutely joy in a helpful child.

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