Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 252 - A Quick Walk

Remember when I said that some days it's not so easy to find joy? Today was one of those days. Struggles. Troubles. Four different moods to navigate around. Just a yucky day all around. So, when I look back over my day I remember the peace I felt with my quick walk this morning with the dog. It was quick because I left too late, messing around with the hustle and bustle that is an early school day morning. Time got away from me and I was crabbing about how little time I had left to walk. But once I got out there it was peaceful and our dog was so appreciative, licking my hand and bouncing in his step. My joy today was in that walk. A quick walk, but a joyful one.

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Eva @ Eva Evolving said...

Four different moods to navigate?! Sounds like my day. But I agree, there's nothing like a walk with the dog. Even a short walk. I can't help but feel a little happier because she is happy - it's contagious.