Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 253 - A Favorite Pasta Supper

I have this pasta recipe with sausage and tomatoes and cream - that my family just loves. Adores it. I think they'd eat it every week if they could. But I don't make it every week. Once or twice a month is tops for me. But when I do, I make a double batch so they can have plenty of leftovers. After that first meal they eat it for breakfast the next day or for a snack. Yes, they love it that much. Tonight, I got rave reviews. From everyone. So, tonight's joy is brought to you by my family's favorite pasta supper.

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ShannonL said...

Yay for the whole family loving what you make! I know it doesn't happen very often in my house (my is a VERY picky eater), so I'd be sooo hapy to have one good go-to recipe!