Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 14 - A great haircut

I'm not an entirely vain person. I also don't fuss too much with my appearance. Five minutes or less for hair and make-up. I'm not kidding. But a good haircut? A really great haircut? An absolute necessity. There is such a difference between an OK haircut and a really good one. The first difference is obvious - one just looks better than the other. The other difference? You can actually style it yourself and it will look as if you stepped out of the salon - every. single. day. I love a great haircut and I just got one! It IS a joyful day!


Cam said...

Awesome for you!! :)

You're right, nothing can give you that confidence and joy like looking your best can!

Happy Holidays!

Caroline said...

I totally agree! A good haircut is priceless!

Relyn said...

That picture is hilarious. So funny. And, oh yes, I'm with you. I do love a good haircut. In fact, we plan our family pictures around my haircuts. So, when we look back, it always looks like I have amazing hair. Ha.