Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 45 - Warmer Weather

It's been pretty cold where I live. Like most of the country, I suppose. My childhood was spent in a cold part of the country but my entire adult life has been here, in the south. I love the south. I love the sun. I love the bright, blue skies. I love little stretches of time where you only need a light jacket in the middle of winter. I'm joyfully celebrating this break of warmer weather.

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Cam said...

I know what you mean, sorta.

I grew up in Kentucky, where the weather changed in the kookiest ways, but the winters were cold, and the summers were milder. Now, I reside in southern Georgia, and it is a super shock to have seventy degree weather in January. We had plans to visit Savannah this week, so I checked the weather channel for the best day, and I don't know what happened, but Friday was supposed to be warm and sunny. We all dressed for a warm day, and found it cloudy and CHILLY! Whoops! Lesson learned. A jacket in the trunk, even in a warmer climate, can never hurt!