Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 84 - Show Tunes

I was a musical theater major in college. I ended up switching majors, like just about every one else in my graduating class. But I still love musicals, operas, soundtracks. Our cable has a whole slew of music stations to choose from. I turn them on when I'm cleaning house and today was no exception. But today I choose the Soundtracks and Musicals station. Listening to old songs from Oklahoma and South Pacific and then jumping to Rent and The Lion King. I was in heaven. And it sure made my chores go by that much faster. Joy in show tunes! Nothing better!


evaevolving said...

I'm delighted to have discovered your blog! What a great exercise, to find joy and happiness every day. It's so important to cultivate gratitude in this way.

My favorite so far? The McDonald's French Fries. Oh, they are so good!

Joy said...

And just when you discover me, my computer dies! It's up and running now and I've been keeping track of my daily joys...I'll be updating today. So glad you stopped by!