Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 16 - Christmas

I believe "One mountain, many paths." I realize there are other faiths out there besides my own. But during this time of year I find incredible, amazing, indescribable joy during this most holy time of year. Yes, I know that Jesus wasn't actually born today. I've heard the history about why the church not so arbitrarily chose a date around the winter solstice to celebrate a Christian holiday. And I don't care. I celebrate it now with abandon. I don't mind that the decorations seem to go up earlier and earlier. I don't see it as unadulterated greed. I see it as a chance to get into the spirit that much sooner. I love the Christmas spirit of giving and kindness and joy. And I'm sending that to all of you (all two of you) who peek in here at my humble little blog. Merry Christmas! May you experience all the joy the day can bring!

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