Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day 3 - Chinese Medicine

As much as I hate some of the herbal teas I am so thankful that my husband practices Chinese Medicine and we have access to some of the most amazing products. Sure the teas taste nasty. Ok, worse than nasty. But most of what we use is in pill form. It's easy. It's tasteless. The only trick is to catch colds early and to be vigilant in taking the prescribed herbs. No 12-hour formulas here. But I don't care. It's better for my liver. It's better for my kidneys. And the results? Astounding.

I was raised in a Western Medicine family. I was the family joke when I married my husband, the witch doctor, they called him - not always affectionately. But a yeast infection that modern medicine couldn't cure? 24 hours later, after following my husband's (then boyfriend) advice? Gone. I used to get UTI's fairly easily. Since my husband prescribed the little yellow pills? Rare.

And today I woke up with a scratchy throat, a little drainage, a little achy. I downed the herbs he suggested. I will pound those babies all day today. And tomorrow? I'll be as good as new. Today I find joy in Chinese herbs.

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