Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 9 - My husband

He makes me laugh. And laughter in a relationship is so important. Especially in a love relationship, one that you choose. Because, as you well know, it isn't always roses. You aren't always hopping from peak to peak. You need something to get you through those valleys and for us; it's humor. He can make me giggle at the oddest times - which is probably why his shins are bruised. Plus, we've been together so long now that a situation will often come up and just by looking at him I know what he's thinking. And it's usually inappropriate and would set me in a fit of giggles at the most embarrassing time. Yep. My husband brings me joy - most of the time!

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Caroline said...

How wonderful! I am the same with my hubby...known each other almost 20 years...I swear I can read his mind (well, most of the Thanks for the birthday wishes too :)